Adding Depth to All White Bookends

Here’s a quickie little DIY project I did. I found these bookends at a local thrift store. They are metal and very heavy and were painted a ghastly shade of brown when I purchased them. As soon as I got them home, I gave them a scrub down and a shot of white spray paint. They’ve been sitting on the shelves in my living room for the past year and a half, looking like this:

White Leaf Bookends - Before

OK, well they’re sitting on my kitchen table in this pic, but you get the idea! Anyway, they’re not hideous, they’re totally functional and OK. But kinda boring. I wanted to add some depth to the veining in the leaves. So I busted out some black craft paint, paintbrush, rag, and a palette…uh, plate. The kind of paint I happened to have on hand was fabric paint. It worked. Please don’t judge me 😉

Crafting tools

I used my paintbrush to apply the paint on one side, and then did a few quick swipes with my rag to wipe off the excess.

Painting bookends

I repeated the previous steps on all sides and surfaces of both pieces. Here’s what they look like now, cozying up to a few books:

bookshelf styling

Here’s a close-up shot. I like that they look a little less new and bright. They have that aged patina going on now, which to me is way more interesting than plain white (although there is a time and a place for that, too!).

Bookend Patina

And here’s a shot of the shelf setup. These are in a corner of our living room.

Styling A Bookshelf

What do you think of my new old bookends?