Mighty List – Take a Photo a Day for One Month

I did it! I finished one of my Mighty List items – to take a photo a day for one month. This was a really fun project, inspired by my best friend who lives across the globe in Germany. She suggested we join this Instagram challenge created by Chantelle as another way of keeping in touch. I like that Chantelle’s lists are low key and open to interpretation so I’m not running around looking for a specific type of tree to photograph, or something. I may or may not have skipped a couple days here and there, but I always…


This Little Light of Mine

One of the home improvement projects that I’ve been working on slowly over time is replacing all of the builder-style light fixtures in it. It’s even on my Mighty List! Since this has the potential to be a very expensive project, Mister P and I have been tackling each light one by one. Most recently, it was the fixture over our kitchen sink. Here’s what it looked like in March of 2010 (when this photo was taken): Most of the light fixtures in our house were a similar style to the one above upon move-in. In fact, we have the…


My Mighty Life List

I’m all for making goals AND lists. So I enjoyed writing this list of goals I’d like to achieve in my lifetime – a bucket list, or Mighty List, if you will. This isn’t the end-all-be-all of life lists – think of it as a work in progress (I do). Many of these things may not be achievable, but I’m allowing myself to dream big, and be OK with the fact that there’s a very real possibility that I’ll never check some of these things off (visiting all of the US National Parks might be a tad ambitious). I’m also…