Lassen Volcanic National Park

Last Friday, Mister P., my in-laws, and I headed to Lassen county for his cousin’s wedding. We stayed the weekend in a cute little cabin in Old Station called the Fish Inn. The wedding was beautiful, and a total blast. We danced the night away under the stars. Some of us drank too much. We headed out on Sunday morning to make the 4 hour trip back to Sacramento. We had planned on visiting Lassen Volcanic National Park on our way out, and our little cabin was a convenient 15 miles from the northern park entrance. I was thrilled to…


Mighty List – Visit all of the National Parks

Photo of Mount Ranier from here Visiting all 58 of the US National Parks is one of the more far-fetched items on my Mighty List. The good news is that 8 of these wondrous treasures are right here in my home state of California, and that’s exactly where I plan to start. Below is a list of all of them, the ones bolded are in California. Acadia | American Somoa | Arches | Badlands | Big Bend | Biscayne | Black Canyon of the Gunnison | Bryce Canyon | Canyonlands | Capitol Reef | Carlsbad Caverns | Channel Islands |…