Mother’s Day Planter Box DIY Project

Painted Flower Boxes for Mother's Day
Breaking news! In case you’ve been living under a rock, I thought I should let you know that Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 13th. You still have a couple of days to get something together for that special lady. As for myself, I decided to go the DIY route this year for two reasons. One – nothing says I love you and care about you than the time and effort that goes into a handmade gift. And two – I’m currently out of work and trying to save some cash!

I wracked my brain for something simple, beautiful and cheap that I could make for the two most important moms in my life (my own, and Mister P’s). It was then that I remembered these wooden flower boxes I had laying around. These were originally purchased at IKEA 5 or so years ago. Yes, they’re that old. Here’s what they looked like after I gave them a good scrubbing on my workbench/outdoor kitchen:

Mother's Day DIY Step 1
You’ll notice there are three boxes and only two moms. Well, I decided to keep one for myself because I’m selfish like that!

These boxes have metal trays in the bottom, but no drainage. So I used my electric drill to create some!

Mother's Day DIY Step 2
The next step was sanding. I used my palm sander, but I’m sure regular old sandpaper would have done the trick.

Mother's Day DIY Step 3
At one point, I had attempted to spray paint these boxes white. It didn’t stick (probably because I neglected to clean them first). A lot of the old paint and grime was scrubbed off during the cleaning process, but I made sure to wear protective gear while sanding, just in case. Safety first!

Mother's Day DIY Step 4
Notice how red my eyes are? You can thank Mother Nature and the abundance of trees in my area for that!

I painted all of the boxes with two coats of white exterior acrylic paint that we had left over from another project. While they were drying and curing, I took to the computer to create a template. I used InDesign because I can, and the mere though of opening Microsoft Word makes me cringe, but I’m sure Word would work if you’re not a spoiled brat like I am 😉

Mother's Day DIY Step 5
After cutting and trimming my template (I used a craft knife, flat metal ruler and cutting mat), I taped it to one of the planters and got to painting. I used acrylic paints and a small foam roller.

Mother's Day DIY Step 7
I don’t have photos of the next couple of steps, but I can explain what I did just as well. After several coats of paint, I removed the template and did some touching-up using a small craft paintbrush. After the paint dried completely (overnight), I sanded the entire planter by hand to rough it up and make things look worn and chippy. Finally, I used a large dry brush to apply tiny amounts of grey paint, and then rubbed it in/wiped it off with a damp rag. There was no real science to it, I just painted and wiped until I was satisfied with the look.

After a trip to the garden center for some plants (the only thing I bought for this project), I had two gorgeous hand-painted flower boxes (I was too cheap to buy flowers for my own, the third one)! For this box, I chose Geraniums and Vinca.

Mother's Day DIY Step 8
The flowers I chose for the second box are Mexican Heather and Osteospermum (AKA African Daisy). And that, my friends, is how you make a thoughtful gift for the leading ladies in your life using limited resources.

Mother's Day DIY Step 9