Workin’ it Out!

I’m currently training for my first half marathon; The Divas Half Marathon in San Francisco. Obviously, that means I’ve been running a lot. In fact, this past week I ran a total of 21 miles.

I’m following this training schedule, and I’ve got a pretty good routine nailed down that works for me. Mondays and Fridays are my recovery days, and I do my long runs (6 miles or more) on Sundays. I’m lucky enough to have a treadmill in my little home office/gym, which is where I do my weekday runs (for now) while watching pre-recorded TV shows (lately it’s been The Colbert Report). It really helps to have a distraction, and that guy is hilarious!

While running indoors on the treadmill is convenient for now, I prefer to run outdoors. And I love to have to listen to music when I’m running outside. A lot of “serious” runners are opposed to this due to safety reasons and whatnot, but I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way!

I’ve been carefully curating my workout playlist over the past few months or so. Whenever I hear an upbeat song, I make a note to add it to my playlist. When I get tired of a song, it gets played out, or I notice my pace slows when it plays, I’ll remove it. At the moment, I have 47 songs on my playlist, and I always shuffle them. Here’s what I’m listening to (starred songs are the ones that really rev me up!):

Erica Paoli's Workout Playlist

I’m always looking for new songs to add. What’s your favorite workout music?